Chances of Your English Language Better from Your Boss, Believe it or Not?

According to the results of the study, those who sit in the executive ranks have lower levels of English than the managers and ordinary employees they head on. Still cannot believe it? Time to prove it! With a reliable English test like the one you can find at, then you can better understand your skills and prepare yourself better in the competitive world of work.

In spite of that, the executives have little English skills compared to their managers and staff members. Based on the data, they have difficulty in giving instructions to teams that communicate in English, reading reports in detail in English even leading meetings in English. This is due to the difference in generations where the proficiency of young professional English is better than the older generation.

For some industries, such as banks, finance, media, sports & entertainment, the level of ordinary staff’s English abilities exceeds that of its executives.

Well, now do you become more confident with your English skills?