Factors Causing Sea Damage

The sea was created by God not only to hold water tall and to live the fish that live there. There are other intentions that God wants to create when the sea is for human welfare. Without us knowing it, the sea provides many benefits for human beings. It is starting from producing fish that are rich in protein to pamper the human view of the natural beauty of the underwater with a wealth of coral colors of the sea. Therefore, as one of the creations of God then humans must also participate to maintain the marine ecosystem for the welfare of all living things on earth. One of them has been done by some people, you can read a full article at https://www.kompasiana.com/cucum-suminar/5a243a1c59b13073e87c8c93/belakangpadang-batam-dan-sampah-plastik-berton-ton. Therefore, there are several factors that causing Sea Damage!

Many tourists dive just to see it, unfortunately in this case, not a few of them touching even bring home the coral reefs. In fact, just one touch can kill coral reefs.

By throwing garbage into the sea and to the beach it can contaminate seawater.
Perhaps, in this case, not many are aware, in the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides on agricultural land damaging coral reefs in the oceans.
Because even though the distance between the farm and the shoreline is very far away, the chemical residues of artificial fertilizers and pesticides will eventually be wasted into the sea through rainwater that falls on farmland.

The shaft uses water because the more water it uses the more wastewater it generates and eventually flows into the ocean. Wastewater usually contains chemicals.

A coral reef is a very popular tourist destination. Ships will traffic in the waters, throw anchor on the coast accidentally will damage the coral reefs that are under it.

The mining of sand or rocks in the sea and the construction of coastal settlements also damaged coral reef life. Waste and population from coastal community activities indirectly impact on the life of coral reefs. In addition, there are many coral reefs for building materials and aquarium ornaments.