Did You Know That The Quran Is The Speech Language? This is the Explanation

The book Muslims use in their life guidelines is the Qur’an, the Qur’an does use Arabic and makes it a little difficult to understand. However, if you have a strong intention to understand all the content in the Qur’an, then you can understand it well. Now, you can even learn to understand the Quran online at www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online. you will still be mentored by a competent and skilled teacher in the field.

Then, have you ever realized that the form of discussion in the Qur’an is a form of language that functions to be spoken? If you are still confused what is the difference between speech and written language, you can see the following differences:

1. In the language of speech, intonation or high and low sound greatly affect the meaning contained in it. Meanwhile, in written language, there is no problem in terms of intonation.

2. The written language is usually very bound by the standard grammar, while the spoken language is laxer in the grammar used.