On Umrah and Hajj? These Are Arabic Foods That Can Be Your Choice When Hungry

Each country must have a unique food that makes the country always remembered by people who visit it. No exception, Saudi Arabia, a country that is destined for Muslims around the world has a very delicious food that makes this country always remembered by pilgrims and tourists. For pilgrims, there are some foods that should not be missed while in this country. However, before discussing food, you need to know your various needs before leaving for it. One important thing is to choose the right pilgrim and Umrah travel. You can visit http://www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages to get the best deals for haj travel.

If you are in the country, you should taste these various foods

• Kunafa, this sweet dessert made from thinly sliced ??phyllo pastry and then doused with sugar syrup. Uniquely, the sugar syrup is mixed with rose water that will make a distinctive aroma.

• Falafel, this snack is made from fava beans and has a spicy and savory taste. This food is usually served with topping vegetables, pickles, salads and various saur typical of Saudi Arabia.

• Mandy rice, the rice used in this food is basmati rice and is usually cooked with a variety of typical Arab spices.