Use The Right Platform For Your Website

In essence keywords on domains are never harmful to your website, it only applies to SPAM sites, and of course, you are not planning to create a SPAM site, right? So, using certain keywords on your site’s domain is something well recommended to use extensions that fit the business core, such as dot-com extensions for commercial sites. Actually, no problem want to build your site using a platform that you like. However, if you want to create a Google-friendly and user-friendly site then WordPress platform is the best choice. On the WordPress platform, we can also install various plugins that can help SEO activities and also help the site look to make it look better. When you need an SEO service, we SEO Austin will be happy to help you.

Make sure every permalink of your post contains the title of the post because permalinks which are very helpful in your SEO activities. That’s why I recommend using WordPress platform because you will more easily change the permalinks setting in WordPress. There is some debate about what quality content is like, some say “the article is at least 500 words”, and some say “the article is at least 700 words”, the fact is there is nothing better than an original content. Create content for your readers, create a way for your readers to read all your content continuously. As already submitted by the google itself that the content is KING, then you should keep updating your website with original content and interesting for your readers.

The era of digital technology nowadays who does not know twitter, facebook, Google plus, and others. At least must know one of them. If you are reading this article and do not have any social media account, For a site owner, having a twitter account and Facebook is a must. This social media will not only help your website SEO but will also add visitors to your website.