Teaching your dogs to sit and come to you

The problem that often happens is that it is difficult to control the oval because it is too active, therefore train them to stay and sit quietly, therefore, this method is very important to be taught to them. As explained by dogs will make every effort to get what they like. So early you need treats like snacks or their favorite foods for training. Meanwhile, you may want to check out leather training leash that you can buy online as well.


Provide their favorite food or snack that is held tightly in the left hand. Let the dogs understand that you will be feeding his or her favorite food by bringing your left hand with food close to their faces. Say “Sit down” and do not just give the food but let them wait in place, the dog’s instinct while waiting is sitting down.

As for training the dogs to come to you, they do not understand at first when their masters call, because dogs do not understand what humans are saying, but dogs can remember when you will feed them.


Make sure the dog understands that you are bringing food to them. In the beginning, you can use a long collar or strap. Spend the distance with the dogs, then pull the leash slowly and call their name point the food you are stroking in the left hand. The long-sized leash also works to make sure the dog will not run away from you. Let them come near and feed them.

If they already understand the above method, remove the collar and provide a considerable distance between you and the dog.