Keeping Nitric Oxide Content Inside The Body

Nitric oxide or so-called nitrogen monoxide is needed by the body, therefore, to keep the body able to produce this molecule it takes a good effort because humans have the highest level of nitric oxide in the body when they are new and when they are born then quickly nitric oxide is reduced. Keep in mind that the increasing age, nitric oxide produced by humans will be reduced. It is important for you to have a substance or molecule on this one. If in adulthood has decreased, you can get nitric oxide at,

To increase nitrogen monoxide in the human body, according to the 1998 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine there are two things that can be done, namely by applying a healthy diet and physical activity. Physical activity is very important because the production of nitric oxide is very high when we do an intense physical activity such as running, swimming, and cycling. The lowest production of nitric oxide when we sleep.