These Three Habits Often Cause Body Resistance To Decline

Herbal medicine does have many benefits for one’s body. Starting from curing various diseases, to smooth the skin. Someone who is looking for herbal remedies can find it at soman. herbal medicine is known as a drug that can keep a person’s immune system to be better and not easy to get sick.

However, as someone who has a lot of activities to do, you have to know things that can cause your immune system to drop drastically. Some of these things are

1. Less Rest
The number of activities you have to go through every day sometimes makes your break timeless. This will make your immune system fail in protecting yourself from fearful causes, such as a runny nose, cough, and other diseases.

2. Stress
Stress can encourage the brain to produce hormone cortisol that can disrupt the function of cells in fighting infection. So, it is important for everyone to reduce stress by doing other activities that are more fun.

3. Too Much to Consume Sugar and Salt
Foods that can disrupt the immune system are foods that contain too much sugar and salt.