Facilities From Internet

Internet history originally came from the ARPA project established in 1969 by the US Department of Defense. The project was later known as the ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) which conducted research on how to connect one computer to another to communicate with each other. If you want to get a fast and smooth internet connection, you can visit mangoesky.com/home.

The following are some of the facilities available over the internet:

– Electronic-mail is a letter or electronic message that is sent and received through the computer. With e-mail, the message will be delivered to the recipient at once. Compared to sending mail through a mailing service, e-mail has cut the time and message delivered as well as up-to-date. E-mail can now be accompanied by graphics, photographs, sounds, animations, and can even send to multiple addresses at once.

– File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is one internet service to transfer files. The process of transferring files from computer to server is called uploading. Files that are already on the file server, can be retrieved by others to be stored on the computer. The process of retrieving files from a file server is called a download.