The two kinds of herbal medicine

Herbal medicines are made from herbs. Can be from leaves, flowers, root stems, fruit, or seeds. Then these ingredients are processed and packaged in capsules, tablets, oils, ointments, or beverages in tea. Because it is made from natural ingredients, people think that herbal remedies are safe. Finally, the community did not hesitate to try it, find out more by visiting

Basically, herbal remedies circulating in many countries are safe for consumption. However with the note that the product has been registered in the food and drug regulatory authorities.

In many countries, herbal medicine is grouped into two types, namely traditional herbal medicine and non-traditional herbal medicine.

1. Traditional herbal medicine. Known as traditional medicine or herbal medicine. The materials used have been used since hereditary and is a recipe for the cultural heritage of many nations, especially in Asia.

2. Non-traditional herbal medicine. The content of this drug does not exist in the history of traditional medicine of the ancestors of most Asians or not hereditary, but the content is potentially beneficial to the body.

Before allowing the circulation of herbal medicinal products, the food and drug regulatory authorities will conduct a series of scientific trials in advance to protect the public from the possibility of harmful substances. However, for herbal medicine that has been used since hereditary need not be done the clinical test again. Although there is also a need for further clinical evidence.

Clinical trials on a product include checks on the truth of plant identity used, plant parts used, preparation of raw materials, identification of active compounds, and a number of other processes.