Simple tips for maintaining an air conditioner

Setting your AC temperature according to your needs. The default temperature setting on the remote is 20 “C because if it is too high it can make the engine fast to die / standby. So that the compressor will also more frequent start, of course at the start of this which requires more electrical power than when the engine continues. Don’t forget to also visit if there’s a malfunction with your air conditioner.

But this does not mean you should not set the temperature lower below 20 “C. Buddy can use the lowest temperature to make the room cool faster, then later if it is cool you stay temperature.

Furthermore, do not forget to wash the air filter on your air conditioner. I suggest you wash your existing air filter on indoor once a week. In addition, it helps to keep the air conditioner cool and save electricity, it is also so that air in the room is clean and healthy.

The way is easy, my friend can open the casing indoor top then take the filter, then my friend washed with soap. After the clean do not forget to dry first, then just plug back. More details please see the picture below.