Men Sweat More Stinky During Stress

Sweat generally does have a distinctive odor. But if at any time you smell sweat becomes more smell, whether after exercise or presentation in front of clients, maybe you need to take the time to calm the mind. In addition, there is also excessive sweating or called hiperidrose.

Ekrin glands produce sweaty water that cools the body after a strenuous activity or is in a hot room. There are also apocrine glands, the glands found in the armpit area will be activated by the body when you are psychological stress. Sweat is removed from this gland that produces an unpleasant odor, the smell can be a strong sulfur while being anxious or afraid.

Because stress also activates the sympathetic nervous system of the body, you are also more likely to have a fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, and dry mouth. The sweat produced when we move outdoors is mostly water, but the sweat derived from apocrine glands has a higher concentration of fat, lipids, and proteins.