The way we help them

Social risk factors can be due to individuals experiencing discrimination, marginalization, and stigmatization of one’s identity, financial difficulties over access to mental health, access to mental health services far distance, and others. People who intend or have ideas for suicide will usually show behavioral changes. Was used to hanging out with us but now so moody and withdrawn. Virtually, for example, he suddenly left the WA group, his profile picture turned black or dark, upside down or replaced with a depressive meme or death. Facing someone who has suicidal tendencies, or suicidal intentions, is certainly not easy. But, if we see any friends or family who have suspicious symptoms, do not silence. You can refer them to our therapy with us at

To deal with that situation first, before being able to empathize with someone, we must bear our assumptions first. Assumptions or judgments such as “Lack of faith, just so weak, stupid, hopeless”, should be retained. Try to be a listener for him. Whether she is crying or angry, we do not have to overreact or give much advice. All they need is a listener.