Tips Caring Bag In accordance with the Material

Anyone would know that the price of genuine leather bags is much more expensive than bags made of synthetic or plastic materials. In addition to the quality of the original leather bag is superior, in terms of any model would seem much more luxurious. No wonder when the leather bag more widely used by people from the upper middle class. Call it a famous manufacturer briefcase for men by Blaxton Bags never produce bags made from genuine leather and sold on the market with the price ‘exorbitant’ alias very expensive. Birkin bag from Hermes for example, with the price of $ 120,000 because the quality of the skin used is 100% genuine. Incredible is not it?

But behind the features of leather bag, it turns out this bag is very ‘sensitive’. Without proper care, leather bags are particularly vulnerable to damage. Neither is the bag or synthetic bag. Only, synthetic bag a little more ‘immune’ than the original leather bag. Separate storage between leather bags and synthetic bags. Especially when the bag is not wrapped with dust bag (sarong wrap bag). Why is that? Therefore, the color material on synthetic materials more easily fades than the color on the original leather. Thus, when the two bags are different types of materials that are close together, it will be seen spotting the color of the bag made from synthetic attached to the bag made from genuine leather. If so, it is very difficult to remove the attached color. Unless you want to spend a large enough cost to color your leather bag back.