Using the Google translate for translating the Arabic

For those of you who want to translate or understand the Arabic course can not be separated from the Arabic dictionary. The dictionary has an important role to help us to interpret the meaning of difficult words. And in this modern-day era we are greatly helped by the existence of an online dictionary like google. This can be useful for those who are learning the arabic language, but it can be quite tricky for the ones who are inexperienced with it.

Google translite is an online dictionary service manufacturer google. This dictionary is quite powerful and has supported many languages including Arabic and Indonesian. You can use this dictionary to search for words, sentences, even even one paragraph. Although of course the authenticity is sometimes still questionable.

Well in this article we will provide some tips to translate Arabic using google translate to be more accurate.
Bring up the Arabic Keyboard Googel Translate
For those of you who want to find the meaning of the Arabic word into the Indonesian language, would require an Arabic keyboard. Therefore you should set your laptop or PC keyboard to support Arabic script as we have explained in the article

But for those of you who use cafe facilities, of course will be a little trouble. Therefore follow these easy steps:

go to:

Select Arabic -> Bahasa Indonesia

Select the input tool -> Arabic

Type in the Arabic word we want by clicking on one letter